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HALE mirror taximeter SPT-02

The mirror taximeter - a taximeter, which is completely integrated in the rear view mirror of the taxi - is worldwide unique. This offers many advantages to the user and sets new paces in electronic design and distribution for the whole taximeter market. Furthermore this integration solution saves mounting space and offers better mounting possibilities for other necessary products.

The perfect solution!

  • perfect integration
  • the displayed fare can be seen very clearly from every seat
  • automatic luminosity of the meter display and the mirror glass
  • when switched off, the meter is invisible

For more details regarding taximeter functions, please refer to the main HALE pages www.hale-electronic.com.

The taximeter is integrated into the original rear view mirror housing of Mercedes Benz, Audi, VW, Vauxhall or BMW. For the different types please refer to the navigation on the left side. With a standard housing and adapters the mirror taximeter can be mounted into more cars, please use the search function on the left side for more information!

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